(Monika enterprise - Berlin, Santiago)

Chica Paula was born 1970 in Santiago de Chile. In 1974 Paula and her family had to exile from Chile to Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Chica Paula and her mother returned to Santiago in 1978. Her older brother Martin Schopf aka Dandy Jack aka Sieg Über Die Sonne stayed in Frankfurt. Martin would provide Paula with electronic music from the eighties on which was a great influence.

In 1990 Paula, attracted and fascinated by the development of what would come to be the techno culture, moved to Berlin. She got into the Berlin Party scene very fast and ended up riding the wave of the Berlin techno revolution.

In 1995 she met Gudrun Gut who was running the Ocean Club. Paula became part of it and started to entertain the public at the Tresor as a resident for the Sunday night events together with DJ's/Producers Thomas Fehlmann, Mike Vamp and bands like the Sun Electric.

In 1997 the Ocean Club transformed into a radio show which still airs every Friday night on the public broadcaster Radio One ( Radio Eins ). Meanwhile Paula and her brother Dandy Jack founded the label Ruta 5. A label for south South American electronic music.

In 2000 she gave birth to her daughter Romina and was inspired with the idea of a compilation of electronic music for children. Finally in 2003 the compilation Music for Children ( Ruta 5 / Bruchstuecke ) was released featuring artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano Nicolet, Pink Elln, Thomas Fehlmann, Dinky and many others.

Paula worked together with Max Loderbauer of the Sun Electric on her first album 42 Mädchen under the alias Chica and the folder ( on Monika Records ). Her first record got much appraisal by the international press.

Chica Paula still lives in Berlin and she is currently working on her second album.


Selected club gigs in Europe:


WMFClub, Maria am Ostbahnhof, Panoramabar/ Ostgut, Deep, Pulp Mansion, NBI, Volksbühne, Arena, Watergate, Club der Visionäre, Berlin - Tanzhalle, Hamburg - Sensor Club, 672 Total Confusion, Elektrobunker, Gebäude 9, Köln – Registratur, Rote Sonne, Woanders, München – Suxul, Ingoldstadt – Ickemicke, Wien – Velvet, Napoli - Culture Box, Copenhagen - Rock Star, Aranzazu, Bilbao – Loft, Sonar on the beach, Barcelona - Le Triptique, Paris – Dachkantine, Aera, Zürich


Selected club gigs outside Europe:


In Fuse, Electronic Music Festival, Detroit - La Feria, Quinto Sol, Teatro Italia, Museo de Bellas Artes, Santiago - Mutek-Chile, Sundeck, muelle Baron, Valparaiso – Niceto, Gran Teatro, Buenos Aires - Playa Morocha, Mar del plata


Festivals & open airs:

PopKomm Köln 1997
Love Parade,Berlin 1998
Fusion Festival 2000
PopKomm Köln2003
Benicassim Musik Festival 2003
Bärenmarke Berlin 2003/04/
Mutek,Valparaiso/Chile 2004
C/O POP Köln 2004
PopKomm, Berlin 2004
PopKomm Berlin 2005 (Chica and The Folder)
In Fuse Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2005
Sun Deck Open Air Valparaiso, Chile 2005