Ruta5 is a label that breaks the silence of electronic music born in less highlighted countries than Germany or United States.

Despite the fact that loads of productions with more exotic origins find their place in the record stores today, the german-american monopoly still rules the market.


Electronic sounds created in other continents and coutries are obviously influenced by the heritage from the various musical styles. Today, we find numerous musicians in the electronic cultural environment whose original musical proposals are still ignored or sparsely difussed.


Ruta5 aims to act as a channel for new electronic music from the less focused nationality. As a starting point we´ve chosen our country of birth, Chile. The most southern of the continent. For this reason we have called the first compilation „Austral“.


The music featured in „Austral“ has been created and produced in the hybrid cultural environment characteristic of the latin american countries. Tuned into these cultural references, the music diffused by the compilation vibrates with typical elements from latin music.


The Ruta5 second adventure leaded the collective to a childish research. "Music for children" has been done on the simple basic idea that electronic music not only sounds for adults.


Specialized in compiling electronic music produced all over the globe, Ruta5 extends today its activities to events organisation and artists representation.